About Jubal Ministries

Jubal Ministries is comprised of two primary choral groups, the Sons of Jubal men’s chorus and the Jubalheirs women’s chorus. They also combine their voices a few times a year to form the Jubal Chorus. Each group has over 200 vocal members in addition to instrumental accompanists.

Our Director

Dr. Jon Duncan is the Artistic Director for Jubal Ministries. Since 2002 he has served as the director of both the Sons of Jubal and Jubalheirs choruses. Recognized worldwide for both his musical prowess and leadership, Dr. Duncan is presently the senior professor of church music and worship in the School of Church Music and Worship at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, TX.

Jon is much more than a musical conductor. His spiritual leadership in the areas of worship, personal devotion, and scriptural primacy are admired and deeply appreciated by all associated with the Sons of Jubal and Jubalheir choruses, as well as the churches with whom the members serve.

Jon has 40 years of local church and denominational service, primarily in Oklahoma and Georgia. Beginning in 2002 he served as the music and worship specialist and catalyst for the Georgia Baptist Mission Board where he oversaw ministry consultants who worked with local churches in all areas of worship ministry needs.

He served in a similar role for the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma from 1992-2002, and prior to that, he was minister of music for various Southern Baptist churches for more than a decade.

Duncan earned his Bachelor of Music from the University of Oklahoma (1978), his Master of Education from Phillips University (1981), his Master of Music from Southwestern Seminary (1989), and his Doctor of Ministry from Northern Baptist Theological Seminary (2001).

Jubal Ministries is honored to be under the artistic and spiritual direction of Dr. Jon Duncan.

Our Purpose

To serve and proclaim Christ through music ministry supporting Georgia Baptist causes, values, and mission endeavors at home and abroad.

Our Mission

We are a ministry-based organization serving others through concerts and other ministry actions.  Funding for our ministries comes from free-will offerings, CD and online music sales, general contributions, and membership dues. Financial support will be utilized to serve churches and communities in the following ways:

Evangelistic ministry by sharing the love of Christ and the Gospel message in concerts locally, nationally, and globally.

Cultural engagement through artistry and goodwill. We will use our unique abilities to advance artistic expression to engage people with authentic care, concern, and love.

Educational Support, including leadership training and music camps for children and youth.

Charitable support through ministry actions to food banks, clothing distribution, crisis pregnancy centers, etc.