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The Sons of Jubal is a renowned male chorus that began in 1954. The choir has performed all over the world and regularly holds concerts within the state of Georgia. The Sons of Jubal includes music leaders, pastors, and others who serve in the music ministries of Georgia Baptist churches. Their concerts are incredibly powerful and moving presentations that are often delivered to standing-room-only crowds.

Concerts are appealing to all ages, varied in content, and are accompanied by the Jubal Brass.

The Sons of Jubal are committed not only to musical excellence but to worship, enrichment, and proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the state of Georgia and around the world. Music can communicate deeply, and the experience of a Sons of Jubal concert enables the audience not only to feel a sense of musical awe, but to gain a clearer understanding of who God is, what Jesus has done for us, and why we worship him. 

The Sons of Jubal have three sub-groups, an instrumental ensemble called the Jubal Brass, a handbell ensemble called the Jubal Bells, and a vocal ensemble called the Jubal Tones.


The Jubal Brass accompanies the Sons of Jubal during concerts. This popular ensemble is available for separate bookings from the choir for churches and other venues. They do a variety of sacred literature focusing on arrangements for brass ensemble..


This auditioned vocal ensemble is selected from the Sons of Jubal and  often sings acapella. In addition to performing at Sons of Jubal concerts, they are available for concerts in churches and other venues,  especially those which may not be able to accommodate the entire Sons of Jubal choir.  


The Jubal Handbells perform during regular concerts and often accompany other auxiliary groups during their concerts.

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The Jubalheirs chorus was started in 1973 as a female counterpart to the Sons of Jubal. The choir is composed of women involved in music ministries across the state, including choir members, directors, college professors, and other church musicians. Jubalheirs concerts are well attended and highly acclaimed events. They vary in content from quiet reflective pieces to fast and fun Gospel songs. The choir is accompanied by a full orchestra. Jubalheirs performances tend to be deeply moving spiritual experiences. The beautifully arranged vocal harmonies coupled with carefully chosen texts and themes leave a lasting impression on everyone in the audience. To attend a Jubalheirs concert is to be drawn closer to God, to better comprehend what Jesus did for us, and to further commit to serving Him. As with all of Jubal Ministries groups, proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ through musical arts and Godly lives is paramount. To this end, the Jubalheirs is much more than a singing group. They regularly engage in mission endeavors that serve those in need while building the Kingdom. The Jubalheirs includes the Jubalheirs Orchestra, the vocal ensemble, Tapestry 3:16, and the Jubalheirs Handbells.

The Jubalheirs orchestra consists of Jubalheirs, Sons of Jubal Brass, and other musicians who lift up the Lord through their instruments. They provide a rich tapestry of sound to accompany the group from the piano to full instrumentations. They also perform instrumental pieces during the concerts to further elevate the worship experience. Since the inception of the orchestra, the instrumental aspect of worship has become an integral part of the Jubalheirs, both for accompaniment and participation in mission endeavors.


Tapestry 3:16 is a group of select vocalists from the Jubalheirs. They perform complex pieces with rich harmonies and minimal accompaniment. This allows their voices to blend in a manner so that each part is heard with an intricacy that is musically pleasing and worshipful in content.


The Jubalheirs Handbells perform during regular concerts and often accompany other auxiliary groups during their concerts.

Jubal Symphony Orchestra

The Jubal Symphony Orchestra is an exciting and brand-new addition to Jubal Ministries. This group is made up of highly skilled musicians who are deeply committed to their Baptist faith and seek to promote the use of orchestras in their local churches. Moreover, the orchestra’s primary objective is to perform at the highest level of musical excellence, offering a one-of-a-kind musical experience. These passionate musicians are dedicated to remaining true to their Baptist heritage, ensuring that every performance is infused with the Gospel message and aimed to touch the hearts and souls of the audience. Join us, and allow the Jubal Symphony Orchestra to move and inspire you with its music, which is undoubtedly meant to uplift and encourage you with an unforgettable experience that you’ll cherish forever.

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