Jubal Ministries Missions

From the establishment of the Sons of Jubal and Jubalheirs, which make up Jubal Ministries Inc., members have been dedicated to mission work at home and abroad. Funds to support the purpose and mission of the organization are acquired through membership dues, love offerings, general gifts, and proceeds from CD sales. 

Jubal Ministries has touched thousands of lives worldwide by sharing the message of hope in Christ and participating in mission projects that bring tangible support for those in need. The groups have never looked towards convenience, personal benefit, or attention through the ministry support. The generosity of local churches, patrons, and mission-loving Baptists everywhere provides support for the mission endeavors of Jubal Ministries. This support is due not only to the musical excellence of the groups but also to the trust built over decades.

Supporters know that these groups will fulfill their commitment. The integrity, accountability, and transparency that have always been a vital aspect of the Jubals have fostered ongoing support by local churches and individual donors. In addition to large-scale projects, the choirs partner with the churches where they have been invited to sing in supporting local mission projects. They go to concerts loaded with food items, clothing, art supplies, or whatever the church has requested in support of a local ministry.

Outreach Across the World

How Our Outreach and Ministry Programs Have Helped

Listed below are examples of some of the financial missions and mission support provided by the Sons of Jubal and Jubalheir ministries.

Financial Missions

Mission Support